Thursday, March 15, 2012

Importance Of Early Rising

Early rising is a good habit. It saves time. It does much good to us. He who rises early begins his work early in the morning. He can finish his work in due time. A later riser is always in hurry. But he can do a little or no work. So he lags behind in the race of life.

Early rising is good for health. An early riser breathes the morning air which is fresh and pure. This refreshes his mind and body. He can enjoy the beauty of nature. It gives him much joy. Early rising is the best period for communication with the Almighty. A student should rise early. It will sharpen his memory and help him in learning his lessons. Reading early in the morning proves to be effective. On the other hand, a late riser loses his health. He always feels unwell. We should all rise early in the morning. Sleeping is necessary for health. But too much of it is bad, it makes a man idle.

Early rising gives a man a long lease of life. It gives us wealth. It gives us joy. It gives us wealth living. There is the old saying:-
                                           “Early to bed and early to rise,
                                             Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
It is not a tough job to get up early. It only needs practice. If one makes the habit of early rising from his early life then that becomes so easy for him. He never gets up late. He becomes habituated with this. But once the bad habit of late rising is practiced, it becomes difficult for one to get up early. Even if he get up early sometimes for definite purpose, he does not fell well. He always feels dizzy. And this is a common trait.

So we should practice early rising from early period of our life. And this is a must. It is only a matter of being habituated. May be for the starting it is difficult for a person. But the result of this habit is that much joyful.